Abc Files

  •  Open multiple abc files in separate tabs
  •  Huge files can be edited (up to the limits of virtual memory)
  •  Sort tunes in list alphabetically
  •  Create/copy/move/duplicate/delete tunes fonctions
  •  Keys and Rythme Filters
  •  Fast sheet music / staff notation Viewer
  •  Tune Finder based on Breathnach indexation system
  •  Sets, playlist support
  •  Save tune and sets as a Midi File
  •  Save sets definitions in abc file header


  •  Abc editor with Syntax Highlighting
  •  Display Abc syntax errors
  •  Note tools
  •  Undo & redo Functions

     Midi Player

  •  Build-in tune player, play tunes through Midi Interface
  •  Loop Playing fonction
  •  Select & Play only part of a tune
  •  Tempo, Instrument Voice and Volume can be altered
  •  Support for multiple voices

     Print fonctions

  •  Print Preview
  •  Print a list of tunes
  •  Create print list from different opened abc files
  •  Reorder your print list

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    (MAJ) 22/06/2006